NRS, Inc. - NRS Super Pump

The NRS Super Pump, an affordable high-pressure pump that's perfect for today's drop-stitch inflatable stand up paddle and body boards. Inflates to 20 psi with ease.

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Product Details

Built-in pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat, kayak or board.

This low-volume, two-hand pump lets you inflate to pressures up to 20 psi.

You get double-action pumping (inflate on both up and down motions) when you have the red plug screwed into the air port in the top cap. This allows you to quickly put the majority of the air volume in your inflatable.

When you need higher pressure, simply open the air port by removing the red plug and you can bear down with single-action strokes!

Note: The gauge gives you a reading while you're actively pumping. Once you stop pumping the valve's sealing surface closes and the gauge is no longer in contact with the chamber's pressure.

Small diameter pump chamber keeps the pumping easy, even at high pressures.

Full 48" long hose comes with the twist-on Leafield C7 & D7 Valve Adapter (# 38523.01) that locks into the valve securely, even at high pressures.

Also included is a valve adapter that will lock into Halkey-Roberts New Short Valves and Summit 2 Valves. To install it, loosen the hose clamp and remove the C7 Adapter. Insert this alternate adapter and tighten the hose clamp.

The aluminum shaft, sturdy handle and tough polypropylene housing are built to withstand lots of use.

Use the Super Pump to fill and/or top off your inflatable, then reverse the hose for deflating at the end of the day.

Each single-action stroke puts out 0.48 gallons (1.8 liters) of air. In double-action mode you get 0.96 gallons (3.6 liters) with every full stroke.



0.48 gal. (1.8 liters) per single-action stroke
0.96 gal. (3.6 liters) per double-action stroke

Action: Inflate and deflate

Pump Dimensions: 2.75" Dia. x 25" H

Chamber Dimensions: 2.75" Dia. x 18.5" H

Hose Length: 48"


Leafield C7 & D7 valve adapter

Halkey-Roberts New Short / Summit 2 valve adapter

Built-in 30 psi (2.0 bar) pressure gauge


Product Tip

Periodically apply lithium grease to the pump shaft. This keeps the O-ring gasket in the top cap lubricated. This O-ring facilitates the double-action pumping when the red plug is screwed into the air vent in the cap.

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