Fly Fisherman Magazine - Fly Fisherman Magazine June-July 2018

Fly Fisherman has been the leading magazine of fly fishing for more than 45 years.

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We bring you the best information on local and exotic destinations, tactics and techniques to help fly fishers of all skill levels catch more fish, new fly patterns from the world's best tiers, and the latest news on how we are preserving and restoring our precious fisheries. Our contributors include internationally recognized authorities like Lefty Kreh, Rene Harrop, and Dave Whitlock, as well as a young generation of guides and fly tiers like April Vokey, Blane Chocklett, Charlie Craven and Oliver White who are exploring new frontiers, and along the way finding better ways of solving old problems. Together, they'll give you a deeper understanding of the challenges and the rewards, and help you get more out of the sport whether you're swinging for winter steelhead, or tying flies in your man cave. Bridge Photo by Zach Matthews.

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