Frog Eyes Strike Indicator - 4 Pk

FROG EYES has developed an unique strike indicator. It is inspired by nature and was made for absolute efficiency and professionalism. Fly-fishing and nature – those are our passions.

Quantity: 2

Integrated plastic clamp enables very fast assembly

Perforated Surface ensures low air resistance

Floating body consisting of recyclable EPS (expanded polystyrene) provides perfect buoyancy


The assembly of the FROG EYES strike indicator


Put the string centrally between the rubber lips and pull it slightly sidewards in one direction down to the plastic clamp.


Now put the string in the other direction down to the plastic clamp.


Now adjust the FROG EYES strike indicator to the desired position on the front compartment. Make sure that the string is located centrally in the clamp. If necessary, pull some more to adjust.

Fairness towards nature in all its facets – the FROG EYES indicator is produced in Austria under the most professional and attentive conditions. Also due to its longevity and the best grip on the strings it helps to protect the one thing which it was made for – life at and in the water!

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