Hatch Outdoors - Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Fly Reel - Silver/Blue -9 Plus Mid Arbor

If you’ve been dreaming of a reel that has the look, feel and performance of a Ferrari, then look no further. Capable of running 9–11 weight lines, and your choice of mid or large arbor spools, this reel is one versatile hombre.

Quantity: 1

The NEW Generation 2 Finatic fly reel is an evolutionary update from the original tried and true Finatic. Consistent with Hatch's uncompromising commitment to premium quality, there have been several significant performance improvements and aesthetic enhancements including: New 9 Window frame design, non-reflective mist finish, nonstick cranks, concave frame design for additional weight relief, and teflon lip seals that add a whole new level of protection against the elements.

Body: Finatic Gen 2

Protection: Type 2 Anodize

Line Weights: 9-11

Diameter: 4.25″

Width: 1.375″

Weight: 10.3oz

Colors: Clear/Blue, Clear/Green, Clear/Red, Clear/Black, Black/Silver, Gray/Black

Backing Capacity: 30# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF9F-240Y, WF10F-220Y, WF11F-200Y; MA WF9F-300Y, WF10F-280Y, WF11F-260Y, 68# Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF9F-300Y, WF10F-275Y, WF11F-250Y; MA WF9F-400Y, WF10F-380Y, WF11F-360Y

Spools: Large Arbor, Mid Arbor

Species: Billfish, Permit, Striper, Tarpon



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