Meiho Meiho Premium Akiokun Compartment Box - Black"Cellphone" Compartment Box - Black

The Meiho Compartment Box is a folder-type storage case with 5 small sections and a large compartment with dividers.

Quantity: 2

Cell Phone Box- OK so it’s not really for your cell phone. This great offering from Meiho has a cam-activated hinge creating a ‘latchless’ lid. Just like your cell phone. The Premium Akiokun Flip Cases are the perfect way to carry small fishing tackle, indicators, weights, and hooks to your local lake or river. This plastic case folds up to fit easily in your pocket and has 6 individual compartments to keep your fishing hooks and weights separated. This case also makes a great first tackle box for children! 

Inside, find 5 flip-lid compartments in the base and a single flip-lid compartment with 2 adjustable dividers. Fits comfortably in your hand. Comes in black pearl.

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