NRS, Inc. - NRS Standard Oval Carabiner - Silver

Strong, durable, easy to use and hands down the best carabiner on the market.

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Product Details

Omega Ovals by NRS are the strongest oval carabiner on the market. Through ISO Cold Forging they are able to put material exactly where it needs to be in order to provide the most strength. The unique tapered nose design contributes significantly to the overall strength of the Omega Ovals.


1 kN = 225 lbs of force

Strength Closed: 22 kN

107.7mm L x 57.7mm W



Material: Aluminum

Carabiner Strength Closed: 22 kN = 4950 lbs.

Strength Open: 6 kN = 1350 lbs.

Dimensions: 107.7 mm L x 57.7 mm W

Gate Opening: 15 mm

Weight: 65 g

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