Yakoda Supply - PACO Hot Box- Deadly Dozen

A Yakoda fly tin with super fine tweezers hold a hand picked selection for Paco. We take feed back from our guides to update this box per order with and select dozen flies that are working a our tailwater.

Quantity: 1

A simple Fly Tin from Yakoda fly supply with guide selected flies that are currently working at Paco. Yes the flies are constantly changing in this selection to reflect what is happening on the river.

The tin comes with a micro tip tweezers so you can pick up the smallest flies and had a magnet patch as well to catch any flies trying to escape or to hold your small midges. Thick foam on one side and Velcro on the other gives you plenty of room to house flies as you build on your selection.

The perfect gift for any angler level, weather your just getting into it or are seasoned on the water.

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