Rio Products - RIO Flats Pro Fly Line - Gray/Sand/Kelp

The RIO Flats Pro Fly Line is perfect for bones, perms and poons with low stretch performance.

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RIO calls their DirectCore Flats Pro ‘the very best flats line on the market’. If awards are any indication, it’s certainly in the conversation. Released in 2018, Flats Pro quickly earned awards in Australia, Europe, and the US at each country’s respective fly fishing trade shows. The versatile design of the line and the features RIO has built into it make it a must-have in any flats fishing scenario. Whether you’re chasing picky Permit, finicky Bonefish, or cruising Tarpon, this line will help place the right fly on target every time. And, if you’re chasing all three species in one day, you don’t have to worry about switching spools on the water.



  • Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water
  • Low-stretch “DirectCore” for hard, solid strip sets
  • Mid length head & long rear taper for complete line control
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Saltwlater fly line
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