Rising Fly Fishing Tools Work Mitten 6" Pliers

These pliers from Rising Fly Fishing Tools are great for adding and removing split-shot.

Quantity: 2

Useful in many ways, these pliers are able to:

  • Remove split shot - and keep the shot in a clean condition to use again with the special "precision ground pick tip". These pliers are very effective with small weights which usually are quite difficult to remove from line or tippet/leader.
  • Cut fishing line
  • Remove hooks from fish
  • De-barb flies and lures
  • Pry open split shot¬†
  • Crimpwire leaders/line
  • Leverage more power and maneuver the pliers easily with the internal opening spring
  • Forcep, clamp, clamps, mitten clamp or forceps are all similar in category but mitten clamps can be the easiest to open.
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