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Waterproof and tear-resistant, The Guide to the Upper Salt River is a must-have guidebook for your trip down Arizona's Salt River.

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The RiverMaps Salt River Arizona Guide Book Durable and waterproof, including USGS maps and excellent descriptions of river features.

This book covers the entire permitted portions from the put-in at Highway 60 through the South

Gleason River Access to the take-out at Highway 288 on the Upper Salt River.

Spiral bound format with 8 full color topo maps with complete text descriptions on the facing page.

Color photos highlight some of the river's more famous attractions and features.

Excellent mile by mile information on rapids, campgrounds, geological features, historical sites and reference points.

The topo maps are the same scale as the original USGS maps. The contour lines and accurate shape of the river really help you keep track of where you are.

High quality waterproof, tear-resistant paper handles the splash and abuse of negotiating rivers.

This guidebook also includes numerous side hikes and interesting features away from the river.

Includes info pages on frequently asked questions about boating the river, area geology, archaeology, resources protection and plants found along the river, as well as emergency contact information.

Written by Duwain Whitis & Barbara Vinson

Published in 2014 by RiverMaps

Number of Pages: 27


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