RIGS - Black Fly Week Sage Foundation Rod - 490 with Free Premium Fly Line

Having a good foundation is always important. Sage's Foundation rod offers the perfect balance in performance and price. Pairing this rod with Rio's Trout Indicator Fly Line offers the perfect casting match.

Quantity: 2

The FOUNDATION has a fast action providing excellent casting power and effortless control. It’s the very foundation of what defines a Sage rod – Performance - taking your game to another level. We have added this premium RIO line so you will feel the difference. The line features a powerful front taper that has no problem turning over indicators, and a long body and back taper for stability and for excellent line control and mending at distance. 

Add-on Features (free gear!)

  • Rio InTouch Steelhead/Trout indicator 4wt

Value - $425
RIGS Special Price - $325




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