Simms Fishing - Simms Trout River Camo Beanie

Trout Camo Beanie adds another layer option with their amazing River Camo pattern to keep the fish from noticing you.

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Stealth isn't a fashion statement. It's a science.
River Camo distorts the fish’s ability to detect shape and movement. Utilizing patterning created by Veil Camo, we offer you the first wader designed to keep you from being seen by fish.  Veil
Camo’s patterning provides:
  • Camouflage and colors found in nature that interfere with fish’s ability to see and perceive color  
  • Shape & distortion influenced by the river environment and the way water manipulates light
  • Strong breakup with both large and small shape distortion that works at any distance


    • Classic beanie that can be worn cuffed or un‐cuffed
    • No side seam construction
    • Woven Simms label
FABRIC TECH: FABRIC:95% Merino, 4% Nylon, 1% Elastane
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