Umpqua Feather Merchants - Umpqua River Grip Ultra Mitten Scissor Clamp - 5.5" - Blue

Useful in many ways, this mitten scissor clamp is extremely comfortable to use.

Quantity: 8

Umpqua's River Grip tools are made with surgical grade Japanese stainless steel, and as the name implies, rubberized grips to ensure you that every cut, crimp and clamp you make on the water is precisely what you intended.

This guide favorite keeps cold-weather fishermen in the game because it requires no fingers. Whether wearing gloves or heavy-handed, you'll fall in love with this mitten smooth-jawed clamp's no-fuss operation.

Available in Umpqua's straight forceps blue color. Forcep, clamp, clamps, mitten clamp or forceps are all similar in category but mitten clamps can be the easiest to open.

4 ounces.


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