Umpqua Feather Merchants - Umpqua ZS2 Gel/Floatant Holder w/ Dry Magic - Olive

The Umpqua ZS2 Gel Floatant Holder now comes with Tiemco Dry Magic inserted in and ready to apply to your CDC dry flies and emergers.

Quantity: 1

If you’re not familiar with Tiemco Dry Magic, then you may not understand how important it is to keep it secure and accessible. Keep it safe with the Umpqua ZS2 gel/floatant holder.



  • Includes Tiemco Dry Magic: excellent floatant for CDC flies
  • Holds many types of gel floatant
  • Easily attaches to any loop, d-ring or molle patch in the Umpqua line-up
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