Smith Creek Rod Clip

The Smith Creek Rod Clip is a light weight, small rod holder that holds your rod securely and out of the way to leave your hands free.

Quantity: 4

This wearable fishing rod holder will hold a fishing rod so that angler’s can tie on a fly, change a lure, bait a hook or show off that trophy fish they've just landed. It holds a rod securely and out of the way. Besides keeping grit out of a reel, the Rod Clip™ also keeps an outfit above the salt as well as out of the mud. And finally, no more having to lay a rod on the ground while releasing a fish.

Designed for use with light to medium weight outfits up to: 1/2 inch (13mm) diameter and maximum weight of 1 ½ lbs. (.75 kg).

Not for use with with big game-fishing, large surf casting or other heavy weight outfits.



  • Easy in - Easy out - rod can't accidentally knock free
  • Compact and Lightweight - You don't it's there unless you're using it
  • Rugged Smith Creek Quality -- Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials
  • Highest Spec Zinger - Customer made for Smith Creek and tested over 50,000 pulls without failing
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