RIGS - Cuba Fly Selection - 20 Hand Picked Flies

A comprehensive selection of saltwater flies, hand picked by guides that have fished the resource, to give you a wide range of options and patterns to cover the target species in Cuba.

The RIGS Team is excited to present this exclusive assortment tailored for your upcoming Cuba destination adventure. Our staff have meticulously curated this collection, drawing from their wealth of experience and insights from the knowledgeable guides at Avalon. Inside this handpicked selection, you will discover two each of premium fly patterns sourced from trusted brands such as Umpqua, EP Flies, and Rainy's. These top-quality flies are bound to elevate your trip, leaving you with unforgettable memories of your Cuban fishing experience.

The waters surrounding Cuba are teeming with a rich population of tarpon, permit, and bonefish, with tarpon reigning as the apex predator. The primary focus of this selection centers around bait fish patterns, as they are the key to enticing these migratory tarpon. However, we understand the importance of versatility, so we've also included crab and shrimp patterns to ensure you're fully equipped for your Cuban angling adventure.

Please note that this selection does not include a fly box. To ensure you have all the essential gear for your trip, be sure to add a sturdy fly box to your order if you don't already possess one.

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