RIGS - Cuba Fly Slection - 20 Hand Picked Flies

A comprehensive selection of saltwater flies, hand picked by guides that have fished the resource, to give you a wide range of options and patterns to cover the target species in Cuba.

There are 2 of each pattern listed below giving you a total of 20 flies. Each fly is also sold in singles so if there is one pattern that looks extra fishy to you you will can order extra. This selection DOES NOT COME WITH A BOX.

  • Homeslice 1/0 Orange
  • Keys Toad 1/0 Black and Purple
  • Tarpon Toad Rabbit Strip Tail 1/0 Chartreuse
  • Avalon Permit Fly 2
  • Mantis Shrimp Tan 2
  • Ragin Craven Tan 2
  • Rag Head Crab Tan 4
  • Christmas Island Special Pearl WG 6
  • Bonefish Scampi Lead Eye Tan 4
  • Bonefish Junk Bead Chain Eye’s 6


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