Dinsmores - GRN Egg 4 SHOT DISP. BB,1,4,6

The Dinsmores Green Egg shaped tin split shot casts better and make less of a splash than round shot, for more effective presentations and coated with a cushioned surface that protects your tippet.

Quantity: 13

Dinsmores Green Egg Shot are environmentally friendly tin split shot. They are easily reusable and the egg shape create less hang-ups. Dinsmore has created the best substitute for lead in any fly fishing application.



  • Tin shot are safer for the environment than lead
  • Egg-shape casts easier and lands softer
  • Cushioned coating protects tippet from weakening and grips better
  • Shot have thumbnail groove for easy removal
  • Sink rate is better than nippled or winged removeable shot
  • Shot are more durable and re-usable
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