Brodin Landing Nets

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Since our humble beginning in 1979 our focus has always been on producing a well designed and functional product. For us flyfishing is a passion first and a business second. We have made many innovations over the years and continue to define what a landing net should be. In 2007 we came out with the first ghost nets and they quickly became industry standards, adopted by nearly every net maker, large or small, domestic or imported. Because these imported nets contain polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the nastiest plastics on the planet because of its association with dioxin, we decided last year to create our own mold for a net bag that uses environmentally friendly material and could be produced in the USA. For a company our size, this was a huge undertaking but we hope to make an impact on the world market.

The amount of PVC used in net bags is negligible compared to world-wide use of this plastic. But as fishermen, we have an obligation to protect the environment because with a degraded habitat, trout will be one the first species to be impacted. They need pristine waters. We are hoping that our use of an alternative material will help spread the word.

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