Cliff Outdoors - Cliff Bugger Barn

Looking for the perfect box to store all your small streamers and buggers? look no farther than Cliff's The Bugger Barn.

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Bugger Barn Fly Box: CLIFF OUTDOORS

Chances are, if you check in any drift boat out west, there will be a Bugger Barn™, or three, rattling around. Cliff's guide friends wanted a “big” streamer box, so they built it. It’s the box that proved that their “blue” slotted material holds hooks better than anything out there.

If you are not familiar with the material, what you need to know is that the hook is backed into the slit and held securely. Because the hook point never touches material, it can’t be ripped or torn.This box is time tested tough, and continues to be a best seller.

Fits easily with a 8 ¾” X 4 ¾” X 2” size.

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