RiverMaps - Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide Book

Designed to help you make the best decisions, this waterproof guide to swiftwater rescue is an excellent resource on the water.

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The Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide Book is a compact, waterproof, spiral-bound guide intended as an easy-access reference for rescuers who have already been trained in swiftwater rescue. Designed to fit in a PFD pocket, a glove compartment or emergency response pack, every emergency responder can benefit from this field guide.

Detailed diagrams break down basic knot-tying skills, mechanical advantage systems, live bait rescues and more.

Covers topics like basic rescuer safety considerations, river hydrology, equipment, shore-based, boat-based, and in-water rescue techniques; knots, rigging, helicopters, incident command; and special situations like low-head dams and flood channel rescues.

4th edition includes topics on urban flooding, high lines, unpinning boats, drowning fact reference, and animal rescue in floods.

Printed on waterproof, tear-proof paper, making it a useful tool that's easy to bring along on the water.

Author: Slim Ray

Published in 2013 by Jones and Bartlett, 4th edition

81 pages total

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