Tenkara USA - Tenkara Forceps & Nipper Set

The Tenkara Forceps & Nipper Set are considered essential in Tenkara fly fishing adventures.

Quantity: 4

A small, ultra light forceps with a flat tip to remove the barb of your flies and remove the hooks that are deeper in a fish, and a small nipper to cut tippet when you change your flies. Not quite tenkara-exclusive, these are high quality standard forceps and nippers.



Weight: 0.86oz (24.3grams)
Jaw length: .9 inches (2.3cm)
Total Length:4.3 inches (10.9cm)
Features: flat tip, serrated inside (current forceps do not have a pin as pictured)

Weight (incl. metal chain): .25oz (7.1grams)
Length: 2 1/8 inches (5.4cm)

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