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The Whiskey Leather Works Adjustable Length Dog Leashes are built to last.

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Whiskey Leather Works designed this leash based off of our original Fish, Upland, and Fly print leash with a few added tweaks to make them adjustable anywhere between 3 and 5 feet. Easily adjustable for your convenience, to make your walking, running, and/or biking experiences with your dog as enjoyable as possible. As easy as it is to adjust, once set at your desired length it will not slide no matter how strong your dog is.

All solid brass hardware. No plastic "hardware". These leashes are made from highly durable, 1" webbing. The leather is a 6/7 ounce Latigo leather, which is exceptional in the harsh outdoor conditions of the Rocky Mountains and beyond.

The 1" bolt snap is made in Italy of solid brass. The 1" adjustable slide and the 1" single loop that attaches the handle to the webbing are solid brass was well.

Maximum Length: 5 ft.

Minimum Length: 3 ft.

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